Monday, April 26, 2010

Five-Foot Step

Just a small adjustment, which seems to be the point we're at now; things are moving slow.

We moved up the ultrasound to next Thursday, because the week after that is my first week of finals and the appointment was basically right before one of my finals. Now it's a week earlier and right at the end of one of my classes; I'll be stepping out a little early to make it there in time.

Still, it can't come soon enough.

Also, I think I felt the baby move for the first time last night. Hard to tell for sure at the moment, but Veronica confirmed that the baby was being active in that area.

This is awesome.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crib Complete!

We had a busy few days, recently, that have kept me from posting and the both of us from getting a few things done. Before I get into that, however, I want to address the question that is most concerning everyone who might be reading this: the baby is apparently the size of the average sweet potato this week.

Astounding, I know.

Moving on: We made a trip to South Florida this past weekend to attend my sister's wedding (which was great!), and along the way Veronica got her hands on some very nice maternity clothes via my cousin. There were train rides, dancing, seeing all sorts of people, and playing with little kids as well as very little babies.

Now we're back in town, and have officially gotten signed up for birthing classes with the woman we met with before. JC Penney also, without ever really getting back to us on the matter, sent us two of the replacement part we needed for the crib and those were waiting for us when we got back in town.

Last night my lovely wife put the last parts of the crib together while I was still in class, with this being the final result (although the mattress is still in the plastic and we haven't put on any of the bedding or anything).

The Crib Complete 1

The Crib Complete 2

The Crib Complete 3

It looks great, and it feels like with the addition of this simple bit of furniture we've taken a big step towards making the whole situation more real. I can't wait until the week of May 6th, when we'll get to see the baby again and likely discover whether we've got a little boy or little girl on the way; it's probably the thing I'm looking forward to most at the moment, which may be dangerous considering that's the same week as the first of my finals.

Until next time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Construction Continues

The baking process goes on!

The baby is now the size of an average... onion? Ah, alrighty then!

Veronica and I are currently working on putting together the awesome new crib that Veronica's mother got for us, but unfortunately a tiny little piece was missing and we're trying to get J.C. Penney to replace the part. Still, it's mostly whole at the moment and I promise that I will make sure to get some pictures up as soon as it's done being put together.

We went in for another check-up, just a brief one where we got to hear the baby's heart again (all is fine!) and Veronica got the quick look-over (she's doing fine), and have also taken some steps towards taking some birthing classes. After looking around for some options in the area, we decided to check out one particular lady who does personal classes locally and who also acts as a doula if we decide to go there to help with Veronica's pain management.

The two of us met with the woman at a local bookstore and it went really well; she's got a good deal of experience, confidence in her ability without coming off as overly pushy, and wasn't too, ah, "crunchy." I understand it may not be entirely fair, but when people start getting too strong into the whole anti-medical-establishment "my way is more natural and better" thing I start to get a bit wary (for perhaps the same reason I tend to avoid martial arts schools that build themselves around the philosophical/chi energy stuff).

So, y'know, that's good!

Promise more updating as more happens, and the next big ultrasound (very exciting!) is in early May!