Saturday, September 4, 2010

Preparing for the Big Encounter

First, a word from our sponsor:

Veronica At 9 Months: 1
So, we've decided to do a co-written post this time.
I'm not quite sure were to start, but with luck Michael'll edit this so it syncs up with his parts.
First off, we're doing well. The doctor says Little Michael and I are very healthy and everything's fine. Though I'm a little uncomfortable, things are going very well.
There've been once or two times when I thought he'd made up his mind to show up, but we were just practicing. Had an absolutely wonderful shower celebrating little Michael. Beautiful afternoon with lady friends of mine, hosted by Mary Charlotte, Annie, & Dana. Thank you all again.
We've gathered the last of what we need for the nursery. Anything else, he'll tell us what he needs. I've been off work for a while, and resting where I can. Happily, both my parents have plans to come down in the middle of the month. With luck and timing, they'll celebrate their anniversary with their grandson.
Just waiting for him to make up his mind!

Veronica At 9 Months: 4

So, now my turn!

As you might be aware, we're coming up on the time for all of the groundwork to be put to the test. They say that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, but at this point we're just getting antsy waiting for the battle to start.

As my dad says, we're "Sittin' on Stop, waitin' on Go."

However, that isn't to say that things haven't been at least a little bit interesting!

Veronica had a wonderful Baby Shower, hosted by my Aunt Mary Charlotte, our friend Annie, and our friend Dana (who was Veronica's college roommate). There were roses, and petit fours, and my grandmother, and friends, and paper crane folding, and food, and did I mention the petit fours? Because I probably had more of those than I should have and I wasn't even present for most of the party.

All of the hostesses did a wonderful job, and here are some of the pictures I took!

Baby Shower 3

Note the amazing flowers Dana brought.

Baby Shower 2

All of the wonderful ladies who made the shower possible.

Baby Shower 1

Crane folding. They made almost 100 of them!

And here's a link to a few other pictures from the event.

All of our friends and family have been great, this whole time, and it has really made everything go very smoothly to have all of that support. Even as we sit and wait for Michael to surprise us with his appearance sometime during these coming days we're pretty thankful for what we've got.

I get the feeling that the next time I'm posting one of these, it's going to be much shorter and involve alot more exclamation points.

We can't wait.

On that note, I leave you with this...

My Old Teddy Bear & Michael's New Teddy Bear