Thursday, June 10, 2010

Session Summaries

It's been a while since I updated the baby blog, mostly because there have not been any large developments, but we've had enough little events piling up that I had to give an entry of some kind!

First, we owe a big thank-you for a dress given to us by one of my cousins because Veronica wore it to dinner with some friends about two weeks back and she looked absolutely stunning in it. I, unfortunately, don't have a picture of that one because I wasn't really thinking about it at the time. Just take my word for it, it looks great on her.

Second, the site I used to link to with updates on how big the baby is has apparently changed its policy or login method or something and so none of those seem to go anywhere anymore! This puts a definite damper on part of my fun in updating this blog, but I suppose I can just keep going even without comparing the baby to cantaloupes and watermelons and oversized tomatoes.

It won't be easy, but I'll do it. For you.

Third, Michael is just moving and pushing and kicking all around now. It's hilarious and great and fun and it still drives Veronica nuts sometimes. Hand-in-hand with that, though, is more stuff like the fact that he can now see and we think we were making him kick and poke by shining a flashlight against her skin. He also may or may not be using more of a hand than a fist, as Veronica swears she can feel digits.

Fourth, I got some stuff because I am just about crazy with anticipation for little Michael to make his way into the world (despite reminders of the tough parts to come, like a recent XKCD comic strip [Somewhat Dirty and Dead-On Joke, May Be Unsafe For Work or Those Born Before the Information Age]).

Going On A Bear Hunt Book

I have already read this one to the baby belly at least once, and can't wait to do so many times more.

The Geek Dad Activity Book!

I have been following the Geek Dad blog for a while now, and after seeing this book I knew I'd be grabbing it eventually. It includes lots of activities and projects, with a break-down on how difficult they are, how much they cost, how long they last, what they require and so on. It's a book that will fit nicely with The Dangerous Book For Boys and I can't wait to get to use it.

Veronica also picked up a new bathing suit, which she really likes and looks good in. She can't wait to get the chance to wear it to the pool when they open it up. Her friend Melissa is visiting next week, so here's hoping she gets an opportunity to wear it on one of our many rather warm days.

New Maternity Bathing Suit

Other than all of that we've got another doctor's appointment coming up soon, and the childbirth classes we've been taking have been more than a little bit informative about the whole process. We're working hard on our collective diet and making sure we're both staying active, working out.

It's all becoming more real every day.

I leave you with this, tiny socks for tiny feet!

John Deere Socks