Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Story Progression

It's funny how things have quieted down recently. While a number of small things have happened since my last update, it wasn't until recently that I really felt we'd reached that critical mass necessary for me to give a full run-down on what's been going on.

I think that as we approach the due date that may change, just like there was alot more new stuff that I was physically incapable of doing anything but share early on.

Still, exciting times!

A week or two ago I discovered this little onesie in the course of reading a webcomic I follow (it's called Wondermark and it's odd or geeky humor mixed with antiquated illustrations). The onesie is funny and I want one, but the particular strip it comes from describes me to a 'T':

Click For Larger Image

It should, perhaps, come as no surprise that a friend of mine has the above framed and signed by the artist in her house.

Little Michael has been getting bigger and bigger, moving around quite a bit (more kicking or punching in the face for me, to my delight whenever he responds to my voice), and generally making sure that Veronica is constantly aware of his presence. Really I can't imagine that he's going to be anything at all like I was as a kid, considering how quiet and sedate I was. Still am, really.

...I've been warned that I can't make jokes like that, probably because it makes Veronica worry that if I really believe that we might have the Tasmanian Devil for a son.

Seriously, though, he's going to be kicking down doors and causing trouble before we know it if he keeps this up. I say with a huge grin.

Most recently, Veronica went in for a check-up and after getting the basic look-over was asked if she'd gotten a particular shot that we need due to our blood types. When she said that we hadn't, and that she was in fact going to be asking about that very shot today, she was told that they don't actually do the shot at the office and that she needed it soon.

So she went across the street to the hospital, told them why she was there, got another once-over (including putting a microphone, what they might have called a fetal monitoring device, on Michael so she could hear his heartbeat the entire time), and the shot. The folks at the hospital, confirming what we already know, informed her that she is doing great,  and Michael is doing great.

Something we didn't know was that some of the times she thought that Michael was digging his head or something into her side, she was having Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily these turned out to be well within the normal level for where she's at (about 30 weeks!) and she was sent off with a clean bill of health.

For some perspective of where she's at right now, however, one thing she learned at the hospital is that the baby bulge now measures larger than her waist did before the pregnancy. She is very, very pregnant but is taking good care of herself and feeling fine (even went to the gym with me and walked for a while yesterday).

Lastly, in a fit of nostalgia and a geek-ridden sense of preparation I have gathered up a number of Duck Tales, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (click it!), and Muppet Show episodes. If you're really curious as to why, reflect on the comic strip from the top of the entry.

And that's all for now! Still reading to him, still talking and singing at him, and still occasionally dancing with Veronica in a rather silly way whenever she leasts expects it.

I'll keep you up to date!