Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updates? Who Has Time For Updates? Keep Up!

This boy is growing like a weed.

A sort of hefty weed.

Actually, I thinking he may be some sort of tree.

Michael is a year old, and I'll be linking to some of his birthday pictures below. Suffice to say that he is large, in charge, and excels at winning the hearts and minds of the local population.

Every day he's looking around more, getting a bit more willful about where he goes or what he's doing, and reacts in a more complex way to me and Veronica (and just about everything else in the world).

Consider this my attempt to set a standard of new catch-up posts, as the long-form ones of the past don't seem to be something I can maintain at the moment.

1. Size and Health

This is my baby:
Little Michael's Early Morning 4

This is my baby on FOOD:
Michael and Pasta 1

He's 83rd percentile in weight, 58th in height, and 89th in head size. Boy is all big and stuff.

2. School

He's in day care five days a week and having a blast. His mom drops him off, his dad picks him up, and he's just moved into the toddler room (despite having some trouble getting his balance down and so not exactly toddling yet).

He's sleeping on a cot with the big kids now. Holy cow!

3. Mobility

Ok, so he's not exactly running about the place; staying upright without support is something he's still working on. But man can he crawl around full speed, and the look of manic glee when he makes a break for something he knows you're going to try and stop him from getting is at least as endearing as it is frustrating.

4. Personality

I'll let the kid speak for himself.

Love this kid, so much.

Hope to post again soon!

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